A week full of fun, fights and much more!
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The episode unveils with Armaan drinking a whole blood bottle. Isha and Malini are not happy to see Vyom coming home and that’s when Malini tells Vyom that we’ve found a tenant for the shop, and he must sign it, but Vyom refused. Meanwhile, we see Armaan is close to Isha, only then Armaan can’t control himself and Isha is shocked.

Veer hosts the founders party and offers red drink to everyone at the party to tease them. Vyom tells Veer that he is a wolf, so that Veer kills Vyom and enjoys the party again. While Armaan practices with Isha, Raheel bumps into Isha and Armaan compels Raheel and tells him to apologize.

At the party, Viaan fails to perform the dance due to Sara’s death and Ahana learns that Viaan wanted to be the wolf not for Ahana but for Sara. Maahir here on the other side overpowers Lakshya and pushes him down the floor.

Veer looking at Vyom, stunned. Vyom, takes a sip from his drink. Veer sees the ring on his finger and understands. Flash of Veer seeing the same ring on Sameer.

Armaan with his fangs out, looking at Eisha. But he somehow controls n says, I tasted blood tonight Eisha…AGAIN! Eisha is stunned.

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