A week full of drama, fun and festives!
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It is the day of Karwachauth and Saavi comes and meets Goyal and Dalmia family in a very beautiful and elegant way. The entire family is mesmerized by her beauty and Vedika calls in Nityam to come back home but he denies saying he is stuck with work. The moon is visible, and everyone breaks the fast apart from Saavi and Vedika feels bad for her. Dimpy meets Sonam and tries to talk to her, but Sonam informs her that she is aware about the pictures in the pen drive which Dimpy wanted to expose during the Sangeet saying that she doesn’t need Dimpy’s help to get her place back in Dalmia house.

The next morning, Saavi returns the saree and jewelry to Vedika who tells her that it is her right to have these things as she is a Dalmia bahu and gives Saavi an idea to take UD’s blessings and to cheer her up by cooking Gulab Jamuns. Saavi takes Brijesh’s help for the recipe and we see Sonam informing Dimpy about the same so that the dish can be ruined. Later in the kitchen, there is a cute moment between Nityam and Saavi where Nityam while making tea for Vedika tempts for the Gulab Jamun but leaves the kitchen so that Saavi doesn’t realize the same, however, he eats the Gulab Jamun before everyone comes and is so lost in its taste.

Meanwhile, UD reveals that the Gulab Jamun are delicious but are not cooked by Vedika and gives her blessings and ancestral bangles to Saavi as the gift for completing the Pehli Rasoi rasm. UD tells Saavi to mold in the family nicely and Dimpy in order to punish Himesh feeds him the jamaalgota Gulab Jamun and Himesh is in a state of puking when he runs from the dining table.  Saavi notices this and goes to Himesh and makes him feel better by feeling him mojito and Himesh in a emotional state ends up telling Saavi that Dimpy wanted to ruin her pehli rasoi rasm and hence they together planted the laced Gulab Jamuns. Saavi confronts Dimpy who tries to cover her mistake but Saavi respectfully hands Dimpy the bangles given by UD. On the other hand, Saavi and Nityam leave for Hanuman Gali for Saavi’s pag-phera rasam where everybody is busy in the preparations of the same.

While the Goyals were together chatting, Ratna suffers an attack and Saavi has no other option but to take Ratna to the hospital in CP and she decides to ride while on the other hand in Dalmia house, Nityam speaks to Vedika about how he hopes Saavi doesn’t go back to riding CP and Vedika confidently says that she trusts Saavi. After reaching the hospital, the Doctor suggests tests and treatment and after knowing the total cost, Sonam tells Saavi to use the money given by Dalmias. Saavi in confusion steps out and talks to CP when a passenger comes in begging Saavi to take him to the airport and promises to pay her 5 grands and we build on Saavi’s helplessness of taking the passenger to the airport.

Later that night, since Saavi is not at Dalmia house, Nityam wakes up with a jerk after having nightmares and getting disturbed. Saavi while taking the passenger to the airport, hears that he had come to meet Nityam and Saavi is frightened. Ratna is now fine and is back home where Saavi tries to handle the situation and keep the environment of the house light by cracking jokes and giving Ratna comfort and that’s when Nutan blasts at Sonam and Saavi both where she reveals that Sonam had swapped the kundalis and Saavi reveals that she knows why Sonam did that. The Goyal family is shocked, and the episode ends with Sonam yelling at Saavi for taking her place and ruining her life.

Saavi Ki Savaari Saavi Ki Savaari Saavi Ki Savaari Saavi Ki Savaari Saavi Ki Savaari Saavi Ki Savaari Saavi Ki Savaari Saavi Ki Savaari Saavi Ki Savaari Saavi Ki Savaari Saavi Ki Savaari Saavi Ki Savaari

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