A traveler at heart, Avinash talks about his passion for bikes
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Avinash Sachdev who is seen playing the role of Dr. Amit Goel in Balika Vadhu is a great fan of bikes and can be often seen posting pictures of himself riding the mean machine. For someone who is just beginning to build on their passion, Avinash has some great tips for them. Take a look at what he had to say about his bike obesession. 


Q. Any three suggestions that you would like to give to someone who is planning to buy a bike for the very first time?

Ans. Always study the owner’s manual and instructions properly. While purchasing a bike, take into consideration the ‘make’ of the bike and also where you would be riding. Also, make sure to use your bike for a long duration and then go for customization.


Q. Speed v/s comfort. Which do you prefer?

Ans. I will definitely opt for comfort because speed is something that I am not looking for in India. Especially on Indian roads, one needs comfort.


Q. What all modifications would you like to do on your bike if given a chance?

Ans. Talking about modifications, I would prefer going for the right balance between the handle bar and seat or else it could lead to back ache among other issues. The right balance between handle bar and seat gives you a proper balance and ensures a comfortable ride.


Q. Which is your favorite bike?

Ans. I definitely love my bike the most. I have an IM 883 Harley Davidson. It was my dream bike. I never thought I would be able to buy one.


Q. What is that one crazy thing that you have done with your bike?

Ans. I haven’t done any crazy things with my bike. I have travelled a lot on my bike and have gone to places like Bangalore, Pushkar, Hyderabad, Khajuraho, Hyderabad, Lavassa and Udaipur.


Q. One place that you would want to go on your bike?

Ans. There are a lot of places I really want to explore on my bike. But the way to Bangalore is a dream for any rider. My next destination would be Hampi because it’s not advisable to take your Harley Davidsson to Leh Ladakh, as it’s a heavy machine and so it’s better to go to Hampi where there are better roads.

Stay tuned to Balika Vadhu to find out more about Avinash's character Dr. Amit Goel. 

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