A struggle to save and take away the golden eggs are surely not to be missed on Bigg Boss 11 tonight!
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  • December 19, 2017
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Each housemate in the Bigg Boss house gears up tonight to give his/her best in the luxury budget task.





To give a little hint, when Puneesh’s golden egg comes out he straightaway goes and stands against it as a wall trying to protect saying if people will throw his egg in the swimming pool, he wouldn’t hesitate in doing the same because it’s been long and now he wants to be the captain again. But before the task kick starts, Arshi and Priyank are seen planning to target – Puneesh, Akash and Shilpa. So does this mean Puneesh’s egg is in danger?





When its turn for Hina’s egg, Hina ensures nobody touches it. She warns everyone not to do anything with it. But will Vikas, Shilpa and Puneesh leave it? How successful will Hina be in saving her daavedaari?





Same goes with Arshi. However, as soon as the game intensifies, housemates are seen rigorously trying to throw away the eggs of those whom they don’t want to see as contenders for captaincy.





Who will win? And who will those four be who would lose yet another chance for captaincy?

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