A revelation for Raja?
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • March 20, 2020
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  • 10:04 am

Tonight on Shubharambh, we see fufaji going in with Gunwant and closing the door on Rani’s face, thus leaving her alone outside the house. As fufaji is starting to make the bigg announcement, Rani simultaneously plans on going inside the house thanks to an idea that came to her mind on seeing the kids playing cricket outside. With Rani’s on-going behaviour, the entire family decided that it’s best of Rani isn’t part of this discussion.



Going forward, fufaji starts announcing that he has come with property papers of the shop. These were made by Raja’s father Dhawant happened to make it incidentally before his untimely death. Asha expresses her grief as she did not know about this for 25 years and unintentionally kept hating Dhanwant for this. In a flash we see, Gunwant discussing this with Fufaji to not discuss the will as this could break the family. Rani, on the other hand, successfully enters the house when Fufaji finally reads the will and declares something. Is this a revelation? Time to find out tonight.

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