A ray of hope
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Manik Ingle’s day used to start with same worry everyday that how he will collect money to save his ill daughter from a deadly disease. But his life changed over night when Ranbir Kapoor chose to sell Vada Pao for a day on his behalf on Colors TV’s show Mission Sapne. Mission Sapne is a show where 10 celebrities work like common man for one day and earn their daily wage. The channel multiplies the amount with 100 and gives it to the person. Manik Ingle was the first common man who was chosen to be featured on the show because his 10-year-old daughter is fighting Blood Cancer at a tender age.
“When I was told that I have been chosen for Mission Sapne, I couldn’t believe it first. My family was amazed that such a big superstar was coming to help a gareeb aadmi like me. I went completely numb and couldn’t react at all. It was a miracle unfolding before my eyes,” says thrilled Manik Ingle.

When the Colors team went to Manik’s house, there was an atmosphere of complete chaos outside his house. “A big crowd collected outside my house, people started peeping inside to get a glimpse of what was happening inside. Everybody around wanted to know who has come. After the team left, I had become a superhero of sorts in my mohalla. Such a big channel coming to help us, we felt so overwhelmed that we cried out of happiness,” Manik adds.
It was emotionally thrilling when the entire country saw the video that was shot on Manik’s daughter. Teary-eyed Manik cannot forget the moment he was shooting in the studio: “We cried during the studio shoot when they played the AV which showcased my daughter’s illness and the way we lead our daily life. I’ll always remember the love that Ranbir Kapoor showed towards my daughter, Sunita. He hugged her and gave her a peck on the cheeks. It was very touching.”
Ranbir managed to sell Vada Pav for Rs 7670 and Colors TV multiplied that amount with 100 and gave Manik a cheque of Rs 7, 67,000 for his daughter’s treatment. The Ingle family has paid off the huge debt that they had taken for Suneeta’s treatment. “With the financial aid that we have got, we have been able to pay off all our debtors and it is a huge relief. I have been able to give a better treatment to my daughter now. Kisi se paise nahi maangne padte hain abhi, Ingle tells us with a sigh of relief.
Manik says that after Mission Sapne his life has changed in a big way. People around him have become more positive. “Everybody in the chawl has become more positive in life. They now believe that miracles do happen,” he concludes with hope in his eyes.

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