A punishment like never before!

Even after several warnings, the contestants in the house continue to break the day-to-day rules of the game put forth by Bigg Boss. However, things get heated up when Bigg Boss loses his temper on this matter.

Tonight, you all will see Bigg Boss in his true element. Asking contestants to gather in the common area, infuriated Bigg Boss starts scolding the contestants for disrespecting his simple orders. Bigg Boss asserts that even after frequent warnings and restrictions the contestants still continue to break the rules without making any effort to change whatsoever. As a result, Bigg Boss announces a punishment so severe, wherein all the contestants in the Bigg Boss house are sent back to the Jungle area, asking them to start from scratch to prove their worth for entering the Bigg Boss house. What are your thoughts about this? Will this punishment create further tiffs between the housemates and jungle-mates?

To know more tune in to Colours TV from mon-fri at 10.30 pm and sat-sun at 9.30 pm to watch Bigg Boss 15!


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