A new week full of new observations!

A new week full of new observations!

Can the season get any more tedha? After the mid-season finale, the housemates are swimming in a pool of emotion. With Aarti becoming the captain and moving into her separate room, things seem to now move in a different direction altogether. The same night, we see Aarti, Asim, Shefali, and Himanshi sitting together where Himashi is seen discussing all her issues and controversy with Shehnaz in depth. As per her, Shehnaz insulted Himanshi over a social media app, called her a flop actress and made personal remarks about her family.




Around the same time, Shehnaaz is seen sitting with Paras and discussing her next move in the house. She’s now on a mission to take anyone down who comes in her way. She even switches her teams. Going forward, Asim and Sidharth are seen discussing Shehnaaz’s behaviour and her patterns. Have they perceived her wrong all along?



The next day, thanks to Bhau, people in the house are seen laughing over some comments made by him. He is fooling around and passing funny comments about Tehseen Poonawalla. Everyone in the house is in splits and that is an unusual sight in the Bigg Boss house, isn't it? ;)

Lastly, Bigg Boss announced the nominations where the housemates are asked to gather in the activity area and stand in makeshift trash bins. Housemates are then asked to come and throw dirt on contestants they want to nominate. How do things pan out from here?



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