A new series of misunderstandings between Rishi and Tanuja on Kasam!
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It wasn’t long ago that we saw Rishi confess his love to Tanuja. However,an unpredictable turn of events ruined everything for Tanuja. Here’s more about the major twists on Kasam…




Mallaika and Bani try to avenge their respective insults





Mallaika drops oil on the staircase so that Rano slips and gets injured. However, it is Tanuja who slips on the oil. Bani who has been witnessing all this enters in the nick of time and blames the Bedi family for harassing her granddaughter Tanuja.


Bani gets the Bedi family arrested




Bani plays her game and brings in the police. She gets the Bedi family arrested for domestic violence. After that, she takes the unconscious Tanuja to her own house. With Neha and Vidhi’s help she keeps Tanuja unaware about the situation at Bedi house.


Tanuja gets to know the truth




Tanuja soon manages to call Rishi and comes to know that the Bedis are arrested for domestic violence against her. She confronts Bani, Neha and Vidhi. Bani confesses that she got a fake report made from Dr. Grewal of City Hospital and on the basis of that report, Bedi family was arrested. She promises Rishi to reach the police station and withdraw the complaint.


Mallaika and Bani join hands




Tanuja meets Dr. Grewal and tells him the truth. He immediately agrees to give her a fresh report so that she can prove the innocence of the Bedis. However, in the meantime Mallaika and Bani have come together and they catch up with Tanuja. Both corner her and tear away the reports.


Police beats up Rano and she has to be rushed to the hospital




Rano is seriously beaten up and she gets injured. Rishi takes her to the hospital. The doctors inform the Bedi family that her condition is critical.


Rishi is furious with Tanuja




Tanuja manages to reach the hospital and confront Rishi. Nobody believes her. Instead, Rishi accuses her of betraying him and his family.

Will this cause a permanent rift between Rishi and Tanuja? Stay tuned to Kasam, every Mon- Fri at 10.00PM!

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