A new man in Madhu’s life? #Madhubala Weekly Update – 4th Mar to 9th Mar
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The week began with RK recollecting his drunken night with Madhu. Bittuji tries to explain but RK refuses to believe. Radhaji then intervenes and warns RK to accept his love for Madhu before it’s too late. Watch as RK tries to understand his feelings.

Madhu is called for an outdoor shoot and while traveling to the location she is harassed by a guy from the crew. Madhu tries to get rid of him but he follows her and forces her to talk to him. Madhu then throws water on his face and before he could react, RK reaches the spot and bashes the guy in filmy style. Watch as RK saves his Madhu.

Looking at the current situation, Deepali takes potshots at Madhu and taunts her on her character. She blames her for purposely trying to seek RK’s attention and questions her about their drunken night together. This upsets Madhu and she quits the job and walks off the sets. Watch their heated conversation in this video.

Lost in thoughts, Madhu walks deep in the jungle and finds a kid lying on ground, all tied up. She immediately goes to rescue him but some men come out and start firing at her and the kid. Madhu tries to save the child but comes face to face with a man with a gun. He asks her to give the child to him but she refuses and after much tussle she manages to run away with the kid but ends up banging her head on a tree. Watch Sultan’s entry in this video.

On-sets Bittuji desperately tries to look for Madhu. RK too gets worried over Madhu’s disappearance and starts yelling her name while walking in the jungle. Padmini, Trishna and Radhaji wait in the chawl to hear updates from Bittuji and pray to God for Madhu’s safety. Watch as RK begins to frantically search for Madhu.

Madhu wakes up in Sultan’s house and tries to sneak out with the kid. But at the end moment finds out that Sultan is the kid, Aryan’s father. She spends the night in Aryan’s room, trying to put him off to sleep and on the other hand her family and RK wait for her to return in the chawl. Watch as RK and Madhu spend a tensed night.

Sultan wakes up Aryan and punishes him for oversleeping. Madhu gets horrified looking at Sultan’s behavior towards his child and questions him. Sultan then blindfolds her and drops her at her chawl. On seeing Madhu, RK rushes to her and notices Sultan’s car. The entire family questions Madhu but she assures them she’s fine. Before she could go home, RK stops her and questions her whereabouts. Watch as Madhu reunites with her family.

RK asks Madhu to explain her situation but she denies being answerable to him. Overcome by jealousy, RK asks her about the guy who dropped her and Madhu warns him to back-off and not interfere in her life. Watch as RK doubts Madhu.

After drinking, RK feels restless and has nightmares of Sultan taking Madhu away. This leaves RK disturbed and he wakes up looking for Madhu. Deepali comes in and tries to soothe RK and without realizing he’s talking to her, RK seeks for her comfort. Watch as RK feels the first pangs of jealousy.

Will Sultan’s entry affect RK-Madhu’s relationship? How will RK react when he comes to know what actually happened with Madhu? We have put down a few possible scenarios in which Sultan could take away Madhu, check it out here!


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