A new Khalnayak will be chosen tonight
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The Weekend ka Vaar is no small deal. Even though it’s Diwali, the contestants will still have to face the stern remarks and opinions for their actions during the week, which weren’t well received. This week on the dart board, we have professor Navin, who took a wrong step during the immunity task. 


PIC 83


All the contestants are extremely disappointed by his behavior and voice the same to Salman. His conduct with Lokesh came across as unacceptable to them and they took a complete stand for Lokesh.


PIC 77


PIC 69


Watch what they have to say here

At the same time, Salman has a word with professor Navin about his strategy and Navin gets defensive. Lokesh lashes out at him on hearing his statements.


PIC 75


PIC 80


Here’s what both had to say to each other

Looks like this is going to be one heated argument tonight on Bigg Boss at 9PM!

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