A new beginning for Mayura and Omkar on Pinjara: Khubsurti Ka tonight at 9 pm.
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  • August 24, 2020
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Mayura, a beautiful yet simple girl with a heart of gold is someone who will make you fall in love with her at the very first glance. She is humble, respects all individuals. She loves her family and can go to any extent for them. She is traditional and ambitious. Mayura is free-spirited and isn’t someone who can be impressed just by looks. She chooses to see the beauty of a person’s nature, wants to appreciate their talent, and not just looks. She is of the belief that there’s more to a person than just looks. Will everybody around her understand this about Mayura?

Omkar, a 26-year-old man who is sharp, smart, and stylish! He is someone who is obsessed with beauty and perfection, in humans and mere things. Omkar is of the belief of capturing and caging everything that is beautiful. His comparison is made with Ram. He is ideal and can be a provider of comfort. He isn’t very educated, however, has the acumen and eye for business and profit. What will Mayura’s presence in life lead to?
Tune in to Pinjara: Khubsurti Ka tonight at 9 pm sharp!

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