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While everyone is glued to their TV sets to watch the grandest wedding of the season of Shiv and Anandi, I decided to catch up with mother-in-law turned mother Sumitra Singh a.k.a Smita Bansal and quizzed her about giving her Laado's hand in marriage.

Q. Weddings are always fun, but as a Mother In law, how do you feel giving your daughter in law’s hand in marriage? 

A. I have mixed feelings. She came into our home as a child and we have developed that bond so to give her away would really break our hearts. But finally she's getting happiness in life and that what consoles my heart. 

Q. With the joy of celebrations, comes the stress of planning the wedding, getting gifts for everyone, clothes for the wedding, decorations, food, etc how much role does a mother in law have to play in this? 

A.More than a mother-in-law, I am doing the duties of a mother! From her trousseau to her jewellery I have tried to take care of every detail so to make this the most memorable moment for Anandi. As she was nervous to leave our family and be with new people, I took it as my duty to sit down with her and calm her nerves.

Q. Are you sad that you will lose a daughter or happy that you will gain a son in law?

A.I am more sad that I would lose Anandi. Shiv is a great guy and I am very happy my Anandi found the right soulmate but as now no one will be left in the Haveli with Jagya also leaving and Suguna already married, Anandi's absence will be truly felt.

Q. What about your own son Jagya? 

A.I hope and pray that he corrects his mistake and like I have said before everyone deserves a second chance and so does Jagya. I want him to get that second chance so like Anandi, even he can start his life afresh.

Q. If you had to choose a gift for the samdhan’s what would you got them?

A. As I myself is very fond of jewelleries so i would like to give her the same!

Q. Do you think Anandi will be able to be as good a bahu as you are? 

A.I am hoping! Anandi is educated, respects her elders and more importantly I have trained her so I am sure she will make a great bahu. (smiles)

Q. Do you have any tips for Anandi? 

A.I would just like to tell her one thing; past is the past, look forward in life and she has all my blessings!

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