A major battle breaks out between Shani and Ravan this week!
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Dhamini is held captive by Ravan. She is seen dying inside an ice cube. Ravan tells Rahu to inform Shani that if he wants to see his wife alive he should come to him along with the other planets. Shani does so.



All the planets including Shani are asked to step into the 12th house of the Kundali. Ravan then tries to extract energy from all the planets. As a result the planets start losing their power slowly, and this worries Lord Vishwakarma.





Ravan betrays Shani by telling him that, although he fulfilled his promise of getting all the planets to him, he wouldn’t be released by him. Ravan declares that he would keep Shani as his slave forever.



A major fight breaks out between Shani and Ravan after this.



But the question arises whether Shani would be able to defeat Ravan in this battle or not?



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