A little glimpse of what’s in store for you on Naagin Season 5 tomorrow!
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  • August 14, 2020
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Tomorrow on Naagin season 5, Naageshwari starts narrating her story to Brinda. She starts by telling her that 10,000 divya varsh back in satyug snakes were not blessed to be ichadhari but the cheels were. The cheel clan were loots and always had their eyes on the naagmani protected by the naags and naagins. One specific day, the cheel clan is seen going to the temple to one, attack the temple and two, steal the naagmani. The naags and naagins come together to save the temple and the naagmani. That’s when Lord Shiv bless them with the icchadhari roop. Among them was the Nageshwari becomes the first ever naagin to be blessed with an icchadhari roop and hence is declared the ‘Sarvashreshtha Adi Naagin’.

Going forward, Aakesh has a curse on him that there will be a day when he will be mesmerized by a light which will lead to his destruction. Due to the curse, his father would never let him out. On hearing the news about some cheels being killed at the mercy of the naagas and naagins, Aakesh takes it on himself to steal the naagmani. He takes the brave step of going out in broad daylight and in the jungle, Aakesh sees Naageshwari romancing with the Naag, Hriday. He falls for her beauty instantly and can’t take his eyes off of her.

To find out more, tune in to Naagin: Season 5 tomorrow at 8 pm sharp!


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