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It is not an easy life for 57-year-old Prabhakar Karale. He has been living away from his family and is working as a labourer (paatiwala) to earn money to send back home. His worry doesn’t come to an end as apart from feeding his family he has lots of debt to pay.
He was chosen to be a part of Color’s show Mission Sapne where the young actor Varun Dhawan decided to take up his work for a day and earn money for him. “When I heard about all this, I could not believe it but when I got sync with this fact I had two feelings simultaneously – one, I was very happy and second I felt weird that why such a big actor wants to help me — itna bada aadmi mera kaam karega,” says Prabhakar Karale who still feels that whatever happened was like a dream come true for him.
When his relatives, neighbours and friends got to know that Colors team had come to approach Prabhakar, they were very surprised and happy for him. “People around me said that I was truly blessed that I was chosen for this – ye sab Bhagwan ka aashirwaad hai. Some of them were totally amazed and said – Itna bada actor tumko kaise mil gaya?” Prabhakar explains us.

Varun took up the job and after spending a grueling day in the crowded streets of a busy Crawford Market as a patiwala, Varun finally managed to earn Rs 4,24,000 that would support the patiwala’s dream to make his children’s lives easier. Prabhakar feels truly overwhelmed for what Varun did for him: “I kept wondering how a man of his stature will do my menial job! The way Varun went around the streets and earned money for me….dil se dua nikli uske liye.”
The financial help received by Karale has given him peace. “I have been able to pay off all my debts. I can sleep peacefully at night now. Varun came into my life like a farishta,” explains Prabhakar. Varun gifted Prabhakar two cellphones so that he stays in touch with his family on a regular basis.
This noble cause done by Varun has left a life-long impression on Prabhakar’s life. “I will cherish the entire incident till I die. I think my entire family will narrate the incident for the generations to come,” Prabhakar concludes. 

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