A desi spin in tonight’s luxury budget task
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Tonight’s all about going desi. And to give a flavor of the same, Bigg Boss woke the contestants up with the famous song ‘Desi Girl.’ The same was played to indirectly hint at this week’s luxury budget task called the ‘BB Panchayat’. The house is divided into two groups – Team Dipika with Romil, Sree Santh and Megha and Team Deepak with Rohit, Karanvir and Surbhi. Deepak and Dipika were the mukhiyas of their respective teams while Jasleen and Somi were the sarpanch. Each of them were assigned a specific character and they were asked to dress up like that too. Deepak and Dipika were given the responsibility of building a case and making allegations against members of the opposite team. Somi and Jasleen would then pick the strongest allegation amongst them. Based on the argument presented by both the team, the sarpanch would make their final decision.


Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 9.01.30 am



Bigg Boss 12_Day 72_9515




The allegations made were strong which also led to heated arguments amongst the housemates! Will Somi and Jasleen be able to give a fair judgment or will there be a foul play for favoring their friends?



Bigg Boss 12_Day 72_9485


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