A Christmas Weekend filled with gifts for the contestants!
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Post the evictions, Imam and Rajev were seen bonding and congratulating each other. The two sort out their differences and hug each other. In a while, Aashka is seen crying in front of Delnaaz and Sana since she has been missing Rohit and does not understand why he has not visited her even after she has gone through so much in the house. Soon, she and the other housemates are surprised to see Salman Khan enter the house. 

Salman enters the house and tells Aashka that Rohit has been busy and so hasn’t been able to make time, but he made time and came to see them all. He makes all the housemates dance to the tune of ‘Fevicol Se’ and has individual conversations with everyone inside the house. He tells Rajev that he has tainted Imam’s image positive by constantly attacking him for no reason. He also got along some audio messages for a few contestants. The contestants are overwhelmed to hear the voices of their mothers, except for Aashka who thinks it is not her mother and someone else who has recorded the message for her. Salman asks all the housemates to play the game with all their strength since it is in its final stage and soon walks out of the house.

The next day begins in the house with the song ‘Chunari Chunari’. The housemates are seen waking up in a positive vigor post Salman’s entry in the house. Soon Rajev is seen talking to Niketan and tells him that Delnaaz doesnot matter to him anymore. Rajev tells Niketan, that when he had entered, he did feel for her, but not anymore and does not want her back. 

As the day passes, Niketan and Urvashi are seen talking about how Imam cannot keep shut even for a minute. The two see Imam talking to Delnaaz in the kitchen and Niketan tells Urvashi that this is all that he does the entire day and is being loved by the audiences outside. In a while, Rajev and Niketan are seen talking to each other, when Niketan tells Rajev that Delnaaz also does not appreciate anyone talking about Rajev to her anymore. Niketan tells him that Delnaaz now gets irritated each time someone around her talks about Rajev. Rajev then goes in the kitchen and spots Sana and tries to talk to Sana, but Sana ignores him and does not talk to him. 

Soon, Bigg Boss announces eviction nominations in the house and asks each contestant to name three prospects who according to them can go to the finale. Basis the votes, Bigg Boss announces the nominated contestants of the week and ask the contestants not to discuss anything about the nominations. 

As the day ends, Bigg Boss sends in another surprise for Aashka and sends in her mother to meet her since she did not recognize her mother’s voice the night before. Her mother asks her why she wouldn’t recognize her voice to which Aashka has no answer but was glad to meet her mother. After her mother leaves, Imam talks to Aashka about her and tells her that she resembles her mother.

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