9 reasons why you must watch Bigg Boss contestants in Farah Ki Dawat
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  • February 28, 2015
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1.Praneet Bhatt and Ajaz Khan compete for the title of Sabse Bada Pakau Kaun by a test of eating maximum number of 'Paani Puris' 

2.Bigg Boss Contestants show off their culinary skills mixed with some dance moves

3.When asked Pritam and Diandra which vegetable does the Bigg Boss 8 winner resemble to?, former said “Matar” (Green Peas) and the latter said “Pyaaz”(Onion). Hmm, now why such answers Di and Pri?

4.Sambhavna names Karishma Tanna to be the 'Most Jhagdaalu' in all 8 seasons. Wait a minute, weren't they the best of friends inside the house? What a change of events!


5.Pritam Singh said Gautam Gulati is the only person who wouldn't turn up if he invited him for his Daawat. Awww! These two need to patch up right now! #TeamGauPri

6.Farah Khan says she loves Punjabi Chicken since childhood. Give us a plate of Butter Chicken and we will be happy too! #justsaying

7.Contestants sing songs on certain food items that are displayed by Farah Khan. We can already imagine Ajaz crooning to a 'gobi' Hahaha!

8.Rahul Mahajan flirts with Diandra describing her features with some or the other vegetable. Which vegetable do you think she resembles to?

9.Pritam says Janardan Baba's predictions have gone wrong for him as he is blessed once again with a baby boy! He also mentions that he immediately made a call to Karishma Tanna and said, “Rest assured, ab UPMA Pakega!” Oohh, we can't wait for it now!

Catch Bigg Boss contestants in a candid mood in Farah ki Dawat this Sunday at 8PM only on Colors!

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