9 Foodie confessions of Anushka Sharma and Ayushman Khurana
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The sensational girl of Bollywood Anushka Sharma is set to cook up a storm on Farah Ki Daawat this weekend! And she will be accompanied by the current heart throb and an incredible singer Ayushmann Khurana! Every week we share some amazing facts with you about the celebrities' food preferences and this week both Anushka and Ayushmann have a lot to share with Farah! Here's a tidbit of the trio's discussion
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1.A glass of milk is all she wants! – Anushka proclaims that she loves drinking milk ever since childhood. She also shared that at times when her friends didn't want to drink, she would take a glass. Aww, a friend in need is a friend indeed!
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2.That lucky girl! – She confesses that although she loves eating a lot but she doesn’t put on weight! Seriously, some girls out there are feeling ‘J’ girl!
3. Ayushman’s true love – Ayushman openly states that he isn’t good at cooking at all but loves to eat anytime. Like a true Punjabi!
4. Best meal of his life! -  Ayushman shares that the best dinner for him till date has been at Sonam Kapoor’s house. Hmm, Ayushman please throw some more light, what was in the menu?
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5.  Maa ke haath ka khana – Anushka would anytime prefer her mother’s food rather than from a cook. Mumma's little girl!
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6.Eeww the weirdest dishes! – Did you know that Anushka once tried eating snake and a woodpecker at a dinner hosted by tribals? No kidding!
7. Mother is the best – Ayushman frankly shares that his mother is a better cook than his wife. Oops, is wifey reading?
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8. She is a pure vegetarian – Anushka has recently turned into a vegetarian. Hmm, we wonder if it has anything to do anything with a certain someone? Just thinking!
9.  Grandfather’s pet! – Anushka says that her grandfather often called her ‘Khakhaji’ as she always bothered him for food.
Woah! So much of knowledge about the duo and abhi toh party shuru huyi hai!
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