7 ways how Sisters prepare for weddings! #ShastriSisters
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Shastriji’s eldest daughter Alka Shastri is all set to get married to Rohan. After going through a traumatic heartbreak with boyfriend Rajeev, Alka was left disappointed but keeping everyone’s happiness in mind she has agreed to marry Rohan.
And if there’s a marriage at home and you have a bunch of sisters, believe us it’s a blessing. They not only are the biggest helpers around but they make the D-Day truly special! We bring you ways or let’s say instances which show different and fun ways sisters bond during weddings. 

The never-ending shopping list

Weddings are not a joke and we all know how time-consuming it can be. And most times it is the shopping which seems like a never-ending process! But with sisters in tow the job becomes a lot easier and even fun!


Sisters that dance together stay together

It is because of movies like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and its likes that today no sangeet is complete without dance performances. And no, it’s not a simple bhangra and gidda anymore, sisters go all the way to set a dance routine and even hire choreographers. Aah, what fun!

The Food Inspectors

It’s your wedding and you still want to hog on chocolates and ice creams? Hah, in your dreams! Sisters won’t even let you anywhere close to fattening foods. It’s important to maintain weight before the D-Day and sisters, who act like bad cops, make sure to keep you on the strictest of diets.
The Travel Guides

Sisters are the best to plan your honeymoon with. From traveling tips to what-not-to-do-when-on-honeymoon sisters turn into expert travel guides and prep up everything to the T.
The Gossip Mongers

Not only do sisters put in serious time to set up a lavish wedding but also find time in between breaks to bring in the latest gossip! From which cousin is next in line to marry to who’s wearing or not wearing what, they know it all! Such pro we tell you.


The last minute elves

Need a moment away from questioning aunts? Sorted. Want help in holding your 6kg lehenga? Done. Feeling unsure about your life and need someone to talk to? To the rescue! This is how a sister’s checklist usually looks like when they’re in planning mode. Check, check and check!

The Cupids

According to traditions, groom and bride are not allowed to meet one night before wedding. But it is in such times that sisters become cupids and help deliver those last minute special messages to your beau. So either it is carrying notes or arranging a clandestine meeting away from spying eyes of relatives, sisters make for perfect Cupids.


Do you also relate to the above points? Share your sister-bonding stories with us in the comments below!

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