7 Situations on 24 Season 2 that made us say ‘OMG’!
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  • September 29, 2016
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24 Season 2 has managed to keep us hooked week after week. Jai Singh Rathod and the ATU have seen a lot through the day and are yet to see an end to their task. Here are some thrilling, unexpected moments those made us think, ‘OMG! Did this really happen!?’


Jai Singh Rathod helped Roshan Sherchan escape from the prison.





Haroon Sherchan, who was badly injured in a fight with Jai Singh Rathod, pleaded before his brother Roshan Sherchan to kill him and Roshan actually killed him.





Roshan Sherchan was alive despite taking a bullet from Jai Singh Rathod and he escaped to Mumbai with one tube of virus.





Gyan Thakker and Veer Singh Rathod both were exposed to the virus while executing an operation at Hotel Gateway Residency.







Jai Singh Rathod was forced to kill Shibani Mallick due to Roshan Sherchan’s threat that he would release the virus on Dadar station.





Naina Singhania let Maneshinde die.





Despite ATU’s efforts to ensure Kiran’s safety, she was picked up by Vasu, assuming that she is Roshan’s daughter Vaidehi.





Stay tuned to 24 Season 2 for more thrill and action!

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