7 keeda full challenges of Arjun!
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Player Swap

Episode 5 - Circuit (5)

Arjun played a very big card this week by interchanging players for each team. He asked the captain-less blue team which was the one player that they wanted from the red team? And Vivaan was their answer. Arjun asked Vivaan to become the captain of the blue team. Later, to balance both the teams he asked Vivaan to send one player from the blue team to the red team and he chose Raghav. This was the biggest shock on the episode.
Hawa ke saath saath

Episode 5 - Partner Swing (26)

If you are scared of heights, this would have been tough for you to watch. In this stunt, a square plank was hanging at a considerable height. The plank was barely wide enough for one person to stand on it. Two players from each team were sent to do this task. One player had to stand on the plank while the other player was suspended from a cable and on the other side there were flags that were waiting to be pulled off. The player standing on the plank had to push the other player so they could reach the other side and pick as many flags as possible. They had to keep the momentum going through out the task so as to pick as many flags as possible.

Episode 5 - Circuit (10)

As the name suggests, this stunt involved an explosion. Two players from each team performed this stunt. You might remember the game where you had to pass a ring through a zig-zag rod and every time you touched the ring to the rod, you had to start over again. It was exactly the same game. Well, not exactly. If the ring touched the rod the first time, a warning sound was played. And the same thing happened the second time around also. Well, if they touched it the third time, unfortunately they would have to witness an explosion. I bet you must be wondering what the role of the other player was in this task ? ? Well, he/she sat in a car. Doesn't sound too dangerous? huh…? The car was placed just above the explosive, and if the first person made a mistake, the second player had to bear the brunt of it. Ouchies…!

Jhumka gira re Argentina ke Bazar mein

Episode 5 - Suck Face (7)

This was a weight task and one person from each team performed it. There were two containers- one filled with oil and the other filled with worms.The first one also contained pieces of jewellery while the second one had some oysters. The contestants had to put their mouth inside the first container and pick out a piece of jewellery and then put their mouth inside the second one and pull out an oyster. The task was timed and whoever had higher weighing oysters won the task.


Chalo Dildaar chalo Building ke paar chalo

Approved by_ArjunKapoor (17)

Being a rooftop stunt, it wasn’t meant for faint hearted people. One contestant from each team was required to perform this task. They had to go from one building to another via a very lean plank. While walking on the plank they had to collect 8 little hearts from the plank placed at a equivalent distance and hand them to Julie( a crew member) who was standing on the opposite building to Arjun. Julie then handed them a bunch of balloons which they had to bring back to Arjun. There was just a small twist in this stunt. The plank acted as as a seesaw while the contestants walked over it.
Rok sako toh rok lo

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 1.42.11 PM

The game changer stunt and clearly the most important one, was a car stunt. Three players from each team performed this stunt. One player would drive the car and try to park the car on a truck that would be right in front of it. But while he/she was be trying to do that, two players from the opposite team would try to stop him/her by throwing canisters, tires and footballs. Whoever got the car onto the truck in the least amount of time won the task.
Don’t angry me

GOPR9190 00044815

This was the elimination stunt so clearly a do or die for the contestants. One team lost one of their players after this stunt. The person performing the stunt lay inside a box, chained up, which was half full of water and partially covered from the top. The person was accompanied by snakes of various sizes. Some were even as big as the person performing the task. With the help of a magnet, the person tied up had to bring the keys near to them to open their locks. Whoever completed the stunt in the least amount of time lived for another week while the other was bid farewell from the show.

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