6 times Shakti made us love him all the more! #HappyBirthdayShakti
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Shakti is celebrating his 28th birthday today and what better time than now to look back at all the moments he made us fall in love with him. Thanks to his undeniable charisma, Shakti has given us enough reasons to keep out an eye on him constantly. One of the topmost actors on TV today, Shakti makes sure he pleases fans from all generations. Listed below are top moments when we looked at him and felt the real meaning of ‘love’

1.Shakti defines hotness: He may not be your brawny types, but when Shakti gets down to getting ready he surpasses all levels of classiness. His character usually demands wearing a suit and a tie, and that too Shakti carries it off with utmost ease. Remember when we showed you a picture of Shakti being all shady? You can check it out right here!

2.Selfie pro Shakti: When Shakti posts his selfies on social media, we’re the first ones to stalk him so we can find all the deets relating to the picture! And most of his selfies will make you look at him in awe. Don’t believe us? Try it right here!

3.Shakti is a Mumma’s Boy: Recently on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Shakti shared with us a picture of his mother and quoted that she’s is his biggest strength in life. Aww, you know you like guys who respect their mothers and treat them well. Check this link to know what all Shakti said about his real life strength!

4. Shakti is a poet? Who knew, right! Once we randomly got in touch with Shakti and asked him his favorite quote/phrase in life and this is what he shared with us. Imagine Shakti singing, “Main shayar toh nahin…” Aah, just perfect!

5. When Shakti fell in love: While we know what we feel about Shakti, but did you know he too has been bitten by the love bug? And sadly it was a one-sided love affair. Shakti shared with us some more deets about this happening in his life and lot more right here!

6. When your Bae has a Bae!: Heartbreaking, right? While on-screen he romances with Ishani (Radhika Madan) off-screen he shares a very friendly relationship with his girlfriend Neha Saxena. He believes she has a great sense of humour and that helps strengthen their relationship. Once in an exclusive interview Shakti shared with us that the couple is to marry soon! Oh yes, watch it right now!

We feel you guys! But let’s not waste this opportunity and shower him with all our love this birthday! Leave your birthday wishes, and anything  you want to tell Shakti Arora in the comments below and before you rush to type in, watch Shakti thanking all his fans for the birthday wishes in this special selfie video. Isn't he a sweetheart? We heart you, Shakti!

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