6 things you must look forward to on Shakti this week!
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  • November 12, 2019
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With a series of events taking place in Saumya’s life, Shakti has now taken an interesting spin. With a bond thicker than blood between, will Heer find her way to Saumya?

#1 Before Heer wakes up, Preeto keeps Saumya’s picture in front of her as she is used to waking up looking at her face. Is this a positive sign?

#2 When Reet is with Saumya, Saumya takes a deep breath almost as if she is choking. On checking, Reet tells her that Saumya is out of danger and her brain is functioning properly. This is when Gayatri decides to look for Saumya’s family.

#3 Heer makes an announcement to everyone that she dreamt of Gulaabo and she has asked everyone in the house to be happy and lead a normal life.

#4 Harak is making sure that Saumya and Heer are killed. The person who has agreed to do this is demanding for 10 lacs.

#5 Shanno informs Vikram about where Saumya is and gives him a bag full of money to finish the task.

#6 The kids are on their way to a picnic. Simultaneously, when Vikram reaches Gayatri’s house, he realizes that Saumya isn’t there anymore and is in an ambulance. Will he get to her?


Will Heer and Saumya meet? What’s in store for this mother-daughter duo? Watch Saumya and Heer’s journey on Colors from Monday to Friday at 8 pm.

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