5 Ways To Prove That Chakor Has Adopted Gandhiji’s Principles
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Chakor has been confident, she has been fearless and now she has taken upon herself to put an end to the dirty politics opf her village. And she has decided to do this by walking the path of truth and perseverance – ‘Satyagrah’ until the good defeats the evil and the villagers gets education as promised by Bhaiyaji.

Unknowingly this little bird of Azadganj has adopted Gandhiji's principles. Here are the five reasons that prove the same. 

1) Faith In-self: Chakor can shake the wrongdoings in a very gentle way, just by believing in herself. Living a simple life but believing that she holds great responsibility to get literacy to the village.  No matter what comes her way she has triggered the self belief in the rest of the villagers.

2) Resistance & Persistence: Chakor has great resistance and persistence power just like Gandhiji. She has been betrayed, shackled or left alone, but she has always faced the opposition and emerged as a winner.  First she gets ignored, then she gets laughed upon, then the opposition fights her and then she wins.

3) Non-Violence: The world knows about Gandhiji’s life's principle- non-violence and unknowingly, Chakor holds the same principle in her life. Starting a ‘Satyagrah’ and going on an ‘Anshan’ to bring changes into the society without any violence at such a tender age is way beyond commendable.

4) Truthfulness:  As the saying goes- ‘truth stands strong even if there is no support, it is self-sustained’.  Chakor has always believed that truth is the most powerful weapon and has never resorted to lying even if she has been blamed for everything that has gone wrong.

5) Love But Never Hate: At this playful age Chakor has faced a lot more than what grown-ups would have faced in their lives. She was born as a bonded labour, she has been hated, she has been ill-treated, she has been stamped as a low cast but still she has never hated her haters.  For a matter of fact she has always conquered her opponent with nothing else but love. 

If everyone could embrace these qualities and made them their live's talisman, the world would turn into a better place! 

Keep watching Colors to see how Chakor surprises us in many more ways!  

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