5 ways Ranveer can win over Ishani #MATSH
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RV and Ishani have been at loggerheads even post their wedding. In a very tragic sequence Ishani was left at the altar by her beau Chirag but RV stepped in and proposed to marry her. Due to family pressure Ishani had to agree for the marriage but she still hasn't been able to come to terms with it.

We too feel sad to see the old camraderie fade between the two and wish things could go back as they were. Times when RV was not RV, but Ranveer and Ishani considered him her BFF! But let's not mull over what's happened, now that thanks to destiny they're back together let's think of how can they bring back the Ranveer-Ishani magic? We've a few ideas!

Sometimes fighting is good: Ranveer and Ishani's friendship was known for their endless fights which always began on some silly point but ended making us all smile. Ranveer should try picking up petty fights which will help trigger the memories of the beautiful past

Share a plate of samosa: Ranveer loves eating samosas but it's not only us who are aware about this fact but even Ishani. Ranveer needs to create a situation wherein Ishani is made to serve him samosas. This will surely remind Ishani of the good ol' days and at least be a starting point for conversations to begin

Rain will take away the pain!: Ishani's love for getting drenched in rains is well-known. This is one scenario in which she tends to forget all her pain and just enjoy dancing to the tunes of water falling. Ranveer can try creating a similar atmosphere forcing Ishani to give up all grudges and renew their friendship

Mota Bapuji to the rescue!: The only person Ishani has unconditionally loved in her life is her father Harshad Parkeh. And the only person Ranveer has looked up to with utmost dedication and respect is his Mota Bapuji, Ishani's father. A gentle reminder about how the two love the same person might help Ishani see the good side of RV. Hopefully , the love and respect he feels for Mota Bapuji  will help Ishani show that he's still the same Ranveer.

Take help from Ranveer's true love – Sunny Leone!: Yes she's extremely hot and yes Ranveer loves her from all his heart but remember the time when Ishani used to get irritated about this same fact? Why not remind her of her irritation in a rather amusing manner? Seeing Ranveer appreciate Sunny is bound to make Ishani react. How's that for a plan? If you too have some great ideas on how these two can meet again, tell us in the comments below!

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