5 ways how Chhoti Anandi will brighten up your Sunday mornings!
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REASON 1: It's a great Learning opportunity for parents as well as children

Parents and children can spend some quality time together, while Chhoti Anandi will introduce kids to good manners. Every parent desires for their kids to inculcate good habits that help shape their moral character.



REASON 2: Makes you remember “technology free” good old days' nostalgia all over.
In Chhoti Anandi, kids swim, run and play outdoor games; something which is just a concept in today's time. When kids today are glued to technology, this show will inspire them to get out and engage in good old games. 

Chhoti Anandi on swings!

REASON 3: Teaches children to stand up against wrong and not fear.
Chhoti Anandi and her chote sipahi do not tolerate any bad actions. They raise their voice against unjust around them. They support “no tolerance against bad” thus making world a better place.
REASON 4: “Friends” are THE MOST important possessions.
The group in Chhoti Anandi consists of 6 sipahis from diverse background with common ideologies. They all value friendship and above all virtues. They teach us that its okay to be a little crazy and show your sensitive side. 


REASON 5: Spread the message of gender equality
This show is a propagator of gender equality. Nattu wants to be the leader of the pack but still supports Chhoti Anandi thereby setting an example for all guys. Chivalry and empathy is the take away for all kids.
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