5 things that prove Swara and Ragini were meant to be Sisters
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1. Family comes first: Even at young age both Swara and Ragini project a very mature understanding towards life. Especially when it comes to sensitive matters like family issues, the two go deep down to ensure nothing goes wrong and they all remain a close knit family forever!
2. Sister's the world: Swara ensured she does anything to save Ragini’s life when she sensed the guy isn’t right, even before accepting the fact that the two were actually half sisters. Concern and care that only a sister can have. Not to forget, they were never best of buddies!
3. Nothing else matters: Family rifts never came in between the two girls. Although the two families have remained foes for years, Swara and Ragini never let any unnecessary sourness come in between them. Well, that’s the correct way of living and keeping one’s individuality, right?
4.The 'musical' bond: Their Love for music has been a common bridge that connected their hearts. They have always respected each other’s taste for music and talent. Truly said, music can create beautiful bonds between people. 
5. Reviving lost family bonds: The deepest desire of  both Swara and Ragini is to see their families coming together again. Their opposite nature not only attarct them, but also complements them ironically. Both can truly act as the positive force in the re-union of the two families.


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