5 things that Nimboli teaches us #BalikaVadhu
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Nimboli aka Nandini from Balika Vadhu teaches us innumerable things at her young age. The innocent and simple ways she chooses to put across things amazes us! So let’s find out what traits make her unique from other children.


1.Sweet yet Strong – Little girl Nimboli can win anyone’s heart thanks to the sweet nature she has. But that doesn't mean she can't be a toughie when the time comes! She bears all the injustice done by her in-laws yet never lets things affect her spirits.
2. A responsible child – At the age of 11 normally any child would be given right guidance and pampering, however with Nimboli it isn’t so. Sadly there's no one to help her out and hence since a very early age she became her own teacher knowing what needs to be done and how.  There's a lot to learn from this little girl!
3.Undefeated spirit – If Nimboli has a bad day she wouldn’t hesitate to let go and move on with life. She teaches us how every day brings hope and not to give up ever!
4. Laughter is the best medicine – The solution to the biggest problems in her life is to laugh it off. A little giggle does wonders for the girl.

 5. Big-hearted child – Whether you call it a God’s gift or her parents blood, she feels equally for everyone. Even those who do bad to her she never holds any ill feelings for them
Isn’t she a small wonder guys? If there something more which you feel has helped you earned a lesson or two from her, feel free to mention in the comment box below!

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