5 things that Imam did in the past Bigg Boss Season!
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Big Boss ex contestant Imam Siddique, who gained popularity after his stint in Bigg Boss six and for his loud and quirky personality will be seen reappearing in Big Boss in the final lap of the show. Here are few things that he did in the past to irritated the inmates and we are so looking forward to who will survive Imam ka vaar?

Chalo bolo London– While ex contestant Aashka Goradia had lost her sense of balance after sharing the house with him, season six winner, Urvashi Dolakia gave Imam a hard time with her grit and patience. Urvashi too was exasperated with his behaviour and constant rants, she confessed how difficult could it get to stand Imam'sChalo Bolo London!  

His Natraj dance and kitschy costumes– Imam was all out and was known in the headline during Big Boss season 6 for his temperament and quirky sense of styling. The renowned fashion stylist Imam did some fun stuff in the house with his out of the boix attires and funny get-ups, which entertained some and spooked others. And how can we forget his claasical dance recital in the garden area. 
Loud actions only to say sorry later– We all have different ways to say sorry to people like few give cards saying sorry, few show their love towards them but Imam had a different way to say sorry in Big Boss house  if he did something wrong or hurt someone in the house he used to become really loud create a scene and later in the end use to say sorry. Looks like Mandana is going to have competition! 

Seize the Bathroom– Remember how irritated Rishabh and Gizele were while waiting outside the bathroom for Priya to come out? Well, say hi to Imam, whose everyday get-ups takes nothing less than hours.

Imam’s ‘timeout’ with housemates – Imam Siddiqui had entertained millions of people with his acts and dresses, but he didn’t impress the inmates. During his stay he used to start an argument only to snub the others with his famous Time Out! Now, let's see who times him out first in this season! 

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