5 things that have changed in Anandi post Shiv’s death #Balika Vadhu
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Anandi is a household name for many Indian viewers who wish to have a daughter,a bahu or a sister to be like her. And why not! Anandi is such a character who takes everyone by awe through her behaviour, her selfless deeds and her loving nature. Her unconditional love and devotion that she carries in her for her family makes her different from rest of all. Her simplicity and integrity speak for her and it won't be wrong to say that Anandi is the ideal woman many aspire to be.

However, over the years there have been significant turning points that have changed her life totally.The most recent change was the sudden death of her husband,Shiv. Post his death, a pregnanat Anandi didn't shatter and gave birth to little twins who are now her world and who keep Shiv's memory alive.

Here are some major changes we have seen in Anandi post her husband’s death.


1.Her Children become the sole reason for her living


If not anybody, she has to live for them who just have their mother as their parent unaware about their father’s demise. With Nandini missing, Anandi is yet again facing trauma but is not ready to break down yet.

2.Devotes her time to social welfare, more than ever!


Losing her partner Shiv hasn't swayed away Anandi from her duties.She knows she has to change the society in so many ways and despite feeling alone Anandi is ready to fight the battle.

3.More Courageous and open


Post Shiv's death, Anandi's life has given her a new meaning.She has decided not to succumb to the situation but face her life with all its problems more courageously

4.Manage Responsibilities


Anandi understands life cannot stop here and so has soon recuperated from her shattered life and taken full charge for her entire family.As always, Anandi is the pillar of strength and hope for others!

5.Shiv isn’t a weakness but strength

Though the body may die,her love is way too strong for her to go weak.Her pure love towards Shiv works as a positive impetus for her life and reason to live!

Anandi has time and again proved that a woman's emotional strength is much more powerful and there's no bringing her down! We hope that with time Anandi's life is filled with happiness and love. You too can share your love and wishes for Anandi in the comments below! 




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