5 things Mandana revealed in her live chat
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  • January 29, 2016
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Bigg Boss has come to an end and Prince Narula has emerged as the winner. But a lot of viewers believe that Mandana Karimi also deserved to win as she stood up for herself throughout the show. Here are a few things that she revealed during her live chat.

‘Rochelle was a weak person in the house’ Mandana Karimi was never scared inside the house and nor is she outside. She said it upfront that Rochelle was a weak person in the house as she depended upon others. She also said that she was easily played by others and that played to her disadvantage. Rochelle honey…are you listening?

‘Prince doesn’t like Yuvika or Nora’ Mandana placed direct blame on Prince and stated that he doesn’t like Yuvika or Nora. She said that whatever Prince did in the house was just for the sake of the game and he did not have any feelings for either of them. Woah..wait till the ladies find out!

‘I miss Bigg Boss’ voice the most’ When asked about what she misses the most after coming out of the house, Mandana said that she missed Bigg Boss’ voice the most. Well, we saw that coming considering she did not really have ‘close friends’ in the house and this just goes to prove that.

‘I cried just to feel better’ Mandana, indeed, cried a lot in the house. Answering a fan’s question she said that she did not cry to seek attention. She cried to let out all her frustration and it made her feel better. She denied it being a strategy. We know Mandy, what you are talking about.

‘I would love to stay in touch with Kishwer and Suyyash’ Mandana admitted that she would love to stay in touch with Kishwer and Suyyash even after the show. Earlier Suyyash had revealed that Kishwer had a soft spot for Mandana and it seems like it is also the other way round. She even said she wouldn’t mind being stranded on an island with Kishwer. That's some insight my friends! Don't you think so?

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