5 Similarities between Ashoka and Bindusara #CAS
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As the very famous saying goes ‘like father, like son’, we have seen many famous kids and their fathers prove this saying more than just right.On that note here are five similarities between Ashoka and Bindusara which make absolute justice to the saying ‘like father,like son’

1.) Fearless: Ashoka's fearless attitude was nothing but his DNA. It isn’t a surprise when we see the young Ashoka fights his way out even when 10 soldiers are chasing him in a busy market or attacking him with weapons. Just like his son, Bindusara didn't believe in backing-out and fought like a true fearless king.




2.) Headstrong: Ashoka was as headstrong as Bindusara. If Ashoka once decided to do something, he would go out of his way to ensure it saw it's fate. Bindusara on the other hand was no different. He wouldn’t even listen to the scholars even if they were of the likes of Chanakya, advicing or suggesting if he had made up his decision. 




3.) Self Esteem: Bindusara ruled an entire empire by himself without distress and conquered regions after the other never looked back. But, compare that attitude to his little son Ashoka's, even Bindusara has to bend down to that.




4.) Emotional: As they say real men do cry. Ashoka too was extremely emotional at heart and we all are aware about his attachment to his mother more than is father. Well, he is not the only one, King Bindusara was equally emotional when it came to his family.




5.) Animal Lovers: Ashoka was an animal lover. You can tell by the way he took care of his horse and all the rest of his animal pets. Bindusara as well, was very fond of animals, especially his horse. There have been times where we have seen both father and son having a conversation with their respective horses in the show.

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