5 similarities between Anandi and Nimboli that will make you nostalgic! #Balika Vadhu
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Facing a lot ever since childhood, Anandi has seen different phases of life. Be it her broken child marriage with Jagya, Dadisa’s torment on her in childhood, her struggle to gain education and her desires to stop social injustice against girl child. Each problem has gone on to make her more brave and courageous.
And today history seems to be repeating itself! Today, Anandi’s daughter Nandini aka Nimboli is around the same age as her when she first got married in childhood and shares a strong connection with her even without her knowledge.
Apart from having the same misfortune of getting married as a child, below are some conspicuous similarities between the mother-daughter duo:

Gracy Goswami as Nimboli

1. Nimboli, just like her mother likes to laugh and giggle, sprinkling happiness wherever she goes! Her innocence has some uncanny resemblance with Anandi.
2. Nimboli is forced to do all house hold chores even at the age when children are given freedom to play and read. For that matter, a punishment of being locked in a ‘Kaalkothri’ is very much alike Anandi, who was then punished by Dadisa when work wasn’t up to the mark.
3. At a young age Anandi was never liked by her Beend Jagya, and so is the case with Nimboli who listens to all sorts of harsh words from her husband Kundan.
4. Nimboli maintains her faith in 'Kaanhaaji’(Lord Krishna) something which Anandi at that age used to do the same!
Gracy Goswami as Nimboli (4)
5. Just like Anandi, Nimboli too is pure at heart, bears all the pain but continues to smile. Nimboli can make any heart love her for her adorable nature!

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