5 reasons why we love Ish-Vir #MATSH
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Ranvir and Ishani may not see eye to eye anymore but there’s no denying that the two are meant for each other. Ranvir’s unconditional love for Ishani is still alive in his heart and there are moments where he can’t ignore his true feelings. Sadly, Chirag has rejected Ishani on the day of her wedding and Ranvir is set to marry Ritika. But will there be a twist to this wedding saga? That’s what Ranveer and Ishani are saying in their interviews!

Twist or not, it’s obvious that the two have a crackling chemistry. We bring you top 5 reasons on why we and fans love this Ish-Vir Jodi! Read on!

It’s a match made in heaven – In spite of going through such emotional turmoil, Ranveer and Ishani’s paths met again and we think it was bound to happen. Such couples get their love stories written in the stars!

When she hurts, he cries – Any time Ranveer sees Ishani upset, hurt or broken his heart breaks too. The pain and anguish is quite visible on his face and we can’t help but cry a little over their helplessness to be away from each other

They always help each other – Seeing Ishani worried about the court case, Ranveer has always tried to help out but as anonymously as possible. She too is always seen agreeing to all his demands without a complaint. Well, looks like the friendship is still intact and we would love to see the friendly duo back in action!

True love conquers – From the beginning Ranveer has loved Ishani truly but sadly she didn’t understand his feelings and got attached to someone like Chirag. But we believe that true love has a lot of power and Ishani will soon see the true meaning of it.

We miss the old Ranvir-Ishani! – Hasn’t it been a long time we’ve seen these two fight like crazy? And then even make up as quickly as possible? Those really were the days! It is Ranveer and Ishani’s endearing chemistry which makes them perfect companions for each other. Their love and care for each other is undeniable and hopefully these two will realize it soon!

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