5 reasons why Simar and Prem are perfect for each other #SSK
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It’s sad to see a loving couple like Simar and Prem going away from each other. Each time destiny plays a cruel game on this couple our hearts shatter in dismay. But we know that love is a powerful tool and whatever twist the fate brings, their love for each other will overcome it all. And we present to you 5 reasons we think why this couple should never leave each other in life.
Prem completes Simar: Recently when Simar tried to begin her new life in Hong Kong, being the strong woman she is she took the step with much courage. But she felt incomplete without her soul mate by her side and that became more evident when by chance she met Prem again .He too looked lost without her.

Simar is the perfect bahu for Prem’s family: Simar could in fact be called the ‘Super Bahu’ of the Bharadwaj family considering the number of times she has put herself in danger and saved her sasural. And all this she did because of her immense love for her husband Prem and he too supported her unconditionally.

Maturity defines their love story: Some couples are defined by adjectives like cute and loving and friendly, but the best way to describe ‘Premar’ is by calling them a wise and respectful couple. It’s really important to have a mature way of looking at things in a relationship and Simar and Prem fit in those criteria perfectly. Their one of the most understanding couple we’ve seen. 

Their unwavering faith in each other: Any time they’ve found themselves in a problem both have held their faith in each other and surpassed all issues. They’re more like friends who look to each for support and our hearts warm up to see them together through tough times.

Prem-Simar are like Ram-Sita: Many problems occurred that could have shook the foundation of their relationship. But each time Sita Simar gave an agniparishka and proved her pious love for her Ram Prem and won everyone’s hearts.

We always wish to see this pair together, come what may! Which quality of Prem and Simar do you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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