5 Reasons why Shani Dev is a dreaded Planet God!
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Shani is the most powerful planet of the zodiac and as a God, he is widely feared. Here’s why…




Shani is the Karmfal Daata or the one who has been assigned with the duty of bringing about Karmic Justice in the Universe.


One has to payback for actions of injustice, wrong doing or sin and it is upon Shani to ensure that it is done. Watch video here.


He teaches lessons to the wrong doers for such actions through hardships, especially when they go through a period of Shani. 


Shani is the Lord of Justice who has taken birth to create a balance between good and evil. He shows the right path which may not be desirable always.


He spares none while carrying out his duty to bring about justice and in his eyes, everyone is equal. Click here to know more.


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