5 Reasons Why Maheshwari Family of Swaragini is the Best!
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Adarsh and Parineeta, the elder son and daughter- in- law of the Maheshwari family have recently gone against their kin on Swaragini. They have treated other family members in the worst manner possible. Even then, the rest of them are setting great goals to be the best family ever. Here’s how…






Always together though physically apart!









Adarsh and Parineeta are doing every possible thing to trouble Annapurna and an ailing Durgaprasad. They even managed to forcibly separate the two from rest of the family. But their children won’t let them suffer silently. In this way or the other, Swara, Ragini, Lakshya and Sanskaar keep visiting them at Maheshwari Mansion.



A family with values and ethics!






The Maheshwari family has always believed in doing the right thing. They understand that to err is human but they have always inculcated good values in their children and encouraged them to follow morals and principles.



Perfect understanding between generations!









Generation gap has not really had any effect on the Maheshwari family. The elders understand the dreams and desires of their children. On the other hand, children know the importance of parents and follow their advice. How does it get better than that?



Maheshwari ‘Sons’ are the strength of the family!









Lakshya and Sanskaar can go to any extent to save their family. Adarsh and Parineeta have backstabbed them. But even in this crisis they are not only working hard to make ends meet but are willing to take every possible risk to keep their family happy.



Maheshwari ‘Bahus’ will never let the family fall apart!









Swara and Ragini have been the ideal ‘Bahus’! They are not only respectful towards elders but also value every family member. They always ensure that come what may, the family will stand strong and together in every adversity.

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