5 Reasons why Kasam is not to be missed this week!
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Rishi and Tanuja’s unexpected marriage got everything topsy- turvy on Kasam! The thrill and excitement to know in which direction their life is now headed, has added dollops of drama and the entertainment quotient has hit a new high! The week ahead has a lot of twists and turns in store for you! Read on to know why you should not miss Kasam this week…




Romance begins to reignite between the newlyweds!




Rishi and Tanuja find their moment of romance when a bat enters their room and coincidentally, both hide under the sheet to avoid it.


Mallaika continues with her efforts to get Rishi back in her life!




While at work, a client congratulates Rishi and Mallaika, assuming that they are married. This upsets Mallaika. To pacify her, Rishi promises to marry her.


The wedding celebrations continue!




Raaj asks Rishi to organize a grand reception party on the occasion of Rishi and Tanuja’s marriage. We bet there will be loads of cute- sweet moments between Rishi and Tanuja bringing them closer. Needless to say that Mallaika will add to the drama by trying to show Tanuja in bad light.


Despite Mallaika’s vicious attempts, Tanuja ends up looking like a dream!




Mallaika secretly tears Tanuja’s sari and then pretends to offer her own dress to Tanuja. Tanuja agrees and Mallaika thinks that she can harm Tanuja’s image with this move. But when Tanuja arrives at the party, she is looking simply stunning and impresses everyone.


Biji feels that Tanuja is none other than Tanu who has returned to fulfill her Kasam!




Rishi and Tanuja have a rather rough dance as Rishi is upset with her. However, they end up having some cute moments with each other. Biji points out that Tanuja is actually Tanu who has come back to fulfill her promise and this upsets Rishi.


To catch up with all this and a lot more, tune in to Kasam, Mon- Fri at 10PM!

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