5 Reasons Why Karishma Tanna Can Win Bigg Boss This Season
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  • January 29, 2015
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A self proclaimed Narcissist, megalomanic, selfish, Karishma is the most honest housemate we have ever had in the house, whose general knowledge could beat Alia Bhat's. Here are the faboulous five reasons why Tanna could win Bigg Boss this season.


1. She has been hogging limelight since day one, albeit for all wrong reasons

Starting from how she blew being abused on the national TV out of proportion to dating Upen Patel. She confessed for being selfish and obsessed about herself to a level of being a megalomaniac. The girl surely knows how to be the talk of the town




2. She has given us the most loved hero of Bigg Boss- Gautam Gulati

Cummon' now, the world knows that if Karishma hadn't over-reacted during the first task, we wouldn't have known who the real hero of the house was! 




3. She has been the 'Only spokesperson for Naari Shakti' in the house

Be it being abused or even being touched with 1 mm long nail of the smallest toe in your feet, during the task, it has always been  Karishma who has stood up for 'Ek ladki ki izzat/uske upar zulm'.





4. She added glamour to the show and the girls look up to her as the next big fashionista!

From flaunting her zara outfits to her make-up saga (which almost had Sushant unsafe for the week), Karishma has the only person responsible to bring up the glamour quotient of the show.





5. Praan jaaye par task na jaaye!

She has been so much into the game and task that she could fake an injury, cry at the drop of a hat to , ditch her 'close friends' and even demand an elimination of a fellow contestant after putting mirchi on him! Tanna is a true sport and personifies- Praan jaaye par task na jaaye!

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