5 Reasons Why Chhote Miyan Dhaakad Is A Must Watch
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‘Chhote Miyan’ is all set to return for a new season with ‘Chhote Miyan Dhaakad’, this coming weekend. The reality TV show will see talented kids from all across India come and show off their comedic talents. It’s hard to believe that kids this young have the ability to make us laugh out loud, just as much as any other seasoned stand-up comedians would. That’s what makes this show even more interesting. We take a look at 5 reasons why you should not miss watching this laughter roller coaster ride –


The Adorable Factor


Although these kids are going to make us laugh our hearts out, the comedy they will present will have that much more impact due to their innocence. The ability to make us go ‘Aww’ which combined with the heavy dose of laughter will make for some seriously good entertainment.


The Comedy


The comedic antics of these children will have something for everyone out there with a variety of extraordinary acts. The range of humor present on the show, with every kid adding their own unique flavour to their acts will certainly keep the barrel of laughs coming.


Great Way To Destress


We all need something to look forward to after a long stressful day, something which helps us relax. What better way to unwind than to watch something that tickles your funny bone? These are some of the most hilarious kids you will have the pleasure of watching on-screen and they will not disappoint. After all, “Laughter is the best medicine.”


Our Host & Judges

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Sohail Khan and Neha Dhupia are two very popular faces and they will be at the helm of judging the performances of these talented kids in the new edition of the show. The two sure know how interact and have fun with kids as seen in the previews. Bharti Singh will be the host, who is herself an immensely talented stand-up comedian and it will be fun to see the witty exchange between her and the kids.


The Kids


The show revolves around little kids who have one goal – to make us laugh. These kids will come from all around India to prove their mettle and it will be entertaining to watch them add their own unique spin to different acts. If the previews are anything to go by, then we are in for a genuine treat. The kids are the highlight of the show and they will definitely leave you gasping for breath with their hilariously fun acts.


This is one show that will keep you hooked with a whole lot of laughter and good entertainment, starting this Saturday (25th March). Do not miss!


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