5 reasons why Ashoka is emerging as a true winner #CAS
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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat is such an inspiration to all of us, isn’t he? His determination and focus to learn and achieve his target is highly motivational. As the race further progresses to the round two here are five moments where Ashoka emerged as a winner and proved that he has all the qualities that is needed to be a winner!

1. Focus: Ashoka’s biggest strength as an emerging winner has been his focus. No matter how and in what way distraction comes his way, Ashoka has never let anything take him away from his goal. He is very clear in his mind on what he wants to achieve and his target and focus is on winning the sword.

2. Never Give Up Attitude: During the course of the first round of the race Ashoka faced a lot of difficulties as Sushim was behind his back pushing him into the pit, cutting lose his rope over the river of crocodiles and some such instances. But still, Ashoka never gave up and made sure he completes the race, come what may!

3. Fair Player: Even though Ashoka knew that Sushim has been acting snob and has been very unfair in the course of the race but still when Sushim got stuck in the net hanging from the tree Ashoka offered to help him which is a very rare quality found in a true winner.

4. Discipline: Ashoka has been one of the most impressive and disciplined student any teacher would have trained under them. No matter what ever situation Ashoka is in he manages to reach the training ground on time and learn everything with 100% determination.

5. Physical And Mental Strength: Ashoka is extremely strong physically and is blessed with a naturaly fit athletic physique. He could dodge 10 soldiers easily and it would be impossible to take him down.

Do you also think that Ashoka has all the qualities in him to emerge as a winner in this competition? Tell us what do you think about Ashoka’s character in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat in the comments below!

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