5 life lessons that we’ve learnt from Krishna!
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The magnanimous Mahabharat is one of the most watched series on Indian television. A lot of our day to day life references are picked up from the Mahabharata even today. They are gripping and inspiring, and capture the essence of the that time perfectly. As we all know, the Bhagwad Gita is a compilation of all the lessons Lord Krishna gave to Arjuna during the war. Some of these are relevant even today and help us get through the hurdles we face in our life. Here are some that are life changing and ones you want to keep handy for life!

#1 Being of service to our fellow man: At times, Krishna saved the people of Vrindavan from being poisoned. While they might have not been close to him, he still helped and serviced them. No matter what, being of service to mankind is considered as being of service to God.

#2 Stay humble no matter what: Even if he was the Lord of all creation, he was still humble and showed respect to his elders- whether it was his parents or teachers. He was always eager to please them. Because of this, people were willing to help him everywhere he went.

#3 Learn to live one day at a time: Krishna was conscious of the future, but chose to live in the moment without worrying. Even if he knew what was going to happen, he still took one day at a time so he could make today worthy of living!

#4 To remain calm and composed: Regardless of being in a number of unpleasant situation throughout his Life, Lord Krishna preached staying calm and composed for a simple reason that the tough times can teach us some of the most valuable lessons.

#5 Never give up on what you love: Krishna had a deep love for the music especially his flute. He never stopped playing it just because of his commitments. In fact, even during times of war it was by his side.



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