5 Instances that prove that Naagin was a true love story
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Season 1 of our favorite show Naagin was a telly blockbuster and now we are eagerly awaiting the second season. We could not help but fall in love with Ritik and Shivanya. Here are five instances which prove that Naagin was a true love story.


Different from the everyday love stories

What made Naagin Season 1 unique was that it was a love story of a human (Ritik) and an ichhadhari naagin (Shivanya). It had a mystical element to it, which made it one of the most unique love stories on television ever.



They are naughty and nice at the same time

Ritik and Shivanya are the perfect mix of fun and innocence at the same time. Their little fun moments are a treat to watch.



Some things are better when expressed with your eyes

One of the most memorable moments in the Naagin love story will always be the “secret eye-talks” between Ritik and Shivanya. The eye kiss moment is definitely going to be one of our favorite moments for a very long time.



The passionate dance moves

The dance sequence of Ritik and Shivanya was one of the most beautiful scenes of Naagin. Their love story is the most pure bond which makes their romance memorable.



Their sizzling chemistry

Last but not the least is their sizzling on-screen chemistry. Be it their playful or romantic moments, their chemistry had certainly set the screen on fire.

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