4 Foodie Confessions of Jacqueline Fernandez
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  • June 5, 2015
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JDJ9’s super hot judge Jacqueline Fernandez appeared on the finale episode of Farah Ki Daawat!

Being a Sri Lankan, Jacqueline Fernandez, taught one of the most popular Sri Lankan delicacy and while cooking she revealed some of her foodie secrets.


Read on to know more–




1.   Jacqueline is nuts for cashew nuts!  – Cashew Curry is one of the most popular dishes cooked in Sri Lanka. And it’s Jacqueline’s favorite too!




2. Secret to be fitter – We love how Jacqueline manages to stay so fit and so beautiful and in Farah Ki Daawat she even revealed all her fitness secrets. So note down now, Jacqueline advised, in order to stay fit and slim one should eat everything but in small quantities.




3. Cooking tip – She gave a tip, that if we soaked cashews overnight they will become really soft and ready to be cooked. Let’s try this, what say?




4. Preference to oats – Jacqueline revealed that she uses oats instead of breadcrumbs while cooking since it is much healthy as an option. Must say, that Jacqueline is a complete fitness freak!










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