3rd Nov to 9th Nov Weekly Update: Balika Vadhu embarks on a new journey
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This week started with Shiv breaking his marriage with Anandi. Everybody was shocked with this revelation and most of all Anandi. When asked, Shiv insisted that Anandi is not the right match for him hence he has decided to break off with her.

While Anandi hears all this in shock, Dadisa looks on the proceedings with hope that now Anandi might get back with Jagya. Bhairon is puzzled as to why Shiv has suddenly changed his mind, when Anandi catches Shiv and Jagya exchange glances. Jagya was silently trying to thank Shiv for listening to his advice and backing out from the marriage. Anandi understood that it has to do something with Jagya and tells Bhairon to let Shiv go.

When Bhairon insists that he at least needs to know the reason behind all this, Anandi says that Shiv is backing out because of Jagya. Everyone is stunned to hear this and they look at Jagya for explanation. He then tells everyone how he asked Shiv to step back and he wants to get back with Anandi and he knows he has hurt her too much and wants to make things right. Bhairon looks on disappointed.

Anandi then looks at Shiv who is despondent about the whole situation. Anandi confesses that she’s most hurt by Shiv because, of all the people, she expected him to understand her feelings. Anandi is upset that how Shiv couldn’t read her mind and understand that she no more has feelings for Jagya and was looking forward to her relationship with him. She goes on to say that since childhood others have decided for her life. At a young age they got her married to Jagya, forced them to live in one house and when they started bonding, separated them for five years.

Then, after years, they got her back again to the same household and asked her to be his wife. Jagya chose to study and Anandi stood by him like a dutiful wife. She took him to be her soul mate and he found love in someone else. When things didn’t work out Anandi braved it all and was ready to break ties with Jagya so he could move on.

All her life people treated her like a puppet and not once did anyone ask her, her opinion. She confessed that Shiv decided on his own that he should break up with her because according to him it’s the right thing to do and Anandi and Jagya could get back together. But not once did anyone ask her if she even wants to be with Jagya.

In a very well shot sequence, Anandi said that she treated Shiv like a friend. They met, hated each other in the start but as time passed Shiv became an integral aprt of her life. He was there by her side when her mother passed away, when she got her divorce from Jagya. Each case he was by her side protecting her from bad memories, helping her move on. If she has never said anything in words of how she feels about him doesn’t mean she still has feelings for Jagya. After saying all this, Anandi leaves the room and Shiv stands by feeling guilty.

Shiv realizes that he made a big mistake by not trusting Anandi’s feelings and goes to look for her. Bhairon asserts his disappointment in Jagya and the latter gets his bags and declares that he is leaving the haveli and hopes that one day everyone will forgive him. There, Shiv finds Anandi by the lake and apologizes to her profusely. Anandi repeats his words and says that they’re an incompatible match and it would not work out. Shiv feels bad by Anandi’s taunts and requests her to punish him if need be. Anandi then takes him back to the haveli, picks up Jagya’s things she had kept hidden in the suitcase and in front of him throws it all in the lake. She then tells Shiv that was her last connection to her past and now that also has dissolved.  Shiv seems happy and they both hug, while Jagya looks on in background.

Diwali festivities start in both Shiv and Anandi’s families and we see all making rangolis and lighting diyas. Shiv goes to meet Anandi outside her house and asks her to come and see him from terrace. When she goes out she sees that Shiv has made a Happy Diwali message for her with diyas and he confesses he wanted to wish Anandi before anyone else. Both blush and share a romantic moment. Dadisa calls Irawati to find out what gift to buy for Shiv’s sister Sanchi. Ira then later complains to Shiv about Sanchi not visiting for Diwali which makes him call his sister. Sanchi promises to come home and both families move on to do the Laxmi Puja.

When Sanchi doesn’t arrive till late, Shiv’s father calls her and finds out that she’s out with friends to watch a movie. Shiv and his family are disappointed that Sanchi would do something like this but they don’t know that she is hurt by Shiv’s decision to marry Anandi and is hence avoiding them.

When the two families meet in the haveli, they exchange gifts and for once Dadisa gives flowers to Dadaji making him blush! Choti Ma is very pleased with Anandi for not falling weak in front of her past and choosing the right path and blesses her open heartedly. When Nandu takes Anandi and Shiv out to burst crackers, Shiv takes Mahi’s help and tries to spend time with her. Mahi lights a cracker close to Anandi knowing that she would get scared and hold Shiv. He was right, indeed!

Later, the family is seen doing Bhaidooj ceremony and Sugna does Nandu’s tikka while Anandi does of Shyam. Then Dadisa asks Sugna to do Anandi’s tikka but she refuses and says that Anandi is now the daughter of the house making Anandi feel happy.

Next week, Sanchi would arrive Jaitsar and see Anandi helping a kid removing dirt and will feel disgusted by it. She wouldn’t know that she’s the same girl her brother has chosen to marry. Will Sanchi show her disgust when she comes to know about Anandi or will our favorite bahu charm her like she does all? Keep watching this space for more updates! 


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