24 Season 2- Episode 9 Recap
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24 Season 2, Episode 9 reveals that Jai Singh Rathod is carrying out an undercover operation against Haroon Sherchan to catch him and destroy his drug network.ATU already had information about the weaponised drug that Haroon possessed. Helping Roshan escape from prison is also a part of this plan. Mallick, Vedant and Gyan are involved in this dangerous and risky operation.Despite viewing a personal message from Jai Singh Rathod,Saigal and PM Aditya are furious to know this truth. But they have little choice and decide to go with the flow of events. Aditya informs Mallick that all of them should be prepared to face strict action even if the operation is successful.Meanwhile, Jai has reached the farmhouse of Sherchan brothers.















































Will Jai’s mission be successful? Will PM Aditya understand ATU’s stand of keeping the operation a secret? Will Naina Sinaghnia’s interference cause a rift between Aditya and Devyani? What is Devyani’s true character? Stay tuned to 24 Season 2 and watch the drama unfold every weekend at 9PM.

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