24 Season 2- Episode 7 Recap
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The police officer who is checking the trailer is called back by his senior as the van in which Jai and Roshan ran away is found. And much to Jai’s relief the trailer is allowed to pass through the ‘nakabandi’. Roshan is skeptical about leaving Joshi behind and insists on killing him but Jai explains that it’s a part of his plan.




Joshi manages to contact the police commissioner and informs that Jai and Roshan have eloped in a blue Ertiga with their driver Salim. Colonel Sudeep of RAF is alerted as well. Everyone is searching for the blue Ertiga. Gyan sends clearance papers for the ambulance to the police and once again Jai succeeds in escaping the police checking at toll plaza.









A chopper is used in the search operation that finds the ambulance. But in a tunnel Jai and Roshan get off and Salim keeps driving the ambulance to mislead the police. Jai informs Gyan that Haroon will have to send a vehicle for them at their pre decided pick up point. He also sends a selfie with Roshan on Gyan’s system as proof so that Haroon believes Roshan is safe.








Haroon’s men come in a trailer and find Jai and Roshan. Roshan does not leave a single opportunity to insult Jai.










Naina Singhania tries to interfere in the Roshan Sherchan matter but both Prithvi and Aditya ask her to stay out.









Now that Roshan is free and with his trusted men, what more trouble will he cause to Jai? How will Kiran deal with this situation she has unknowingly got in to? What facts about Devyani will be revealed to Naina Singhania? For all this and more, tune in to 24 Season 2 every Saturday- Sunday at 9PM!

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