24 Season 2- Episode 5 Recap
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Jai gives walkie talkie jammer to a reluctant Joshi which will jam the system in the jail premises. On the other hand, Gyan from ATU blocks all telephone lines in the jail. In front of others Jai pretends that he has come from the ATU to ensure Roshan’s safety and Joshi has to play along. Jai takes Roshan in his custody under the guise of shifting him to a higher security zone.





Mallick asks Gyan to set up a cross agency alert and asks the team to concentrate on Kush Sawant. 





The fire spreads through the jail and there is chaos. The cells are on fire and prisoners are screaming. Jai uses both tact and force, as required, to separate himself and Roshan from the accompanying police. He and Roshan camouflage as police guards so that it’s easy to exit the jail premises.





There is unrest inside the jail and prisoners get out of control. The walkie talkie system is made functional by changing the frequency. A senior officer urges Joshi to announce Red Code wherein the police are authorized to shoot at sight to establish order. All gates of the jail are also sealed in this situation.





ATU is oblivious to the happenings in the jail. They are trying to find Kush and Chang. The van in which Chang had kidnapped Kush is identified. 





Mussa, one of the dangerous criminals tells his fellow prisoners that rather than escaping the prison they could utilize their time to have fun because in some time they would either be shot dead or captured and put back in their cells. Jai and Roshan are trapped amongst these prisoners along with BEST Shankar in the kitchen area. In the Russian roulette game BEST Shankar gets shot. Now the game will happen between Jai and Roshan.

















What will happen in the Russian roulette game? Will ATU succeed in stopping the spread of virus? To know all this and more stay tuned to 24 Season 2 every Saturday- Sunday 9PM.

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